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Rejecting the rigid and competitive world of his youth, Hiromitsu Kuroo embraced the artistic world, where creativity, individuality, and self-expression are held in high esteem. Being a Japanese expatriate in New York, Kuroo struggles with his cultural identity and his current New York existence. Through his work, he attempts to bridge these two very different worlds.


Born in Yokohama, Japan, Kuroo is a collage painter working in the tradition of Origami (the art of folding paper). In his case, the canvas serves as the paper, and the gentle manipulation of its surface is how he conveys intricate textural landscapes. The multiple layers of colors in his folded canvases are revealed by sanding the canvas surface. Interested in the juxtaposition and vitality of collaged pieces of canvas, he uses them to accentuate other emerging shapes in his compositions.


Kuroo was a featured artist in the Yamagata Rising Artists Exhibition held in 1999, where he was interviewed on Yamagata TV. In 2002, his Gallery Yamaguchi solo exhibit was featured in Kahoku Newspaper.

He has exhibited at the Uneo Royal Museum, Tokyo (1999), the Ishibashi Museum of Art, Fukuoka (2000), and the Kouriyama Museum Fukushima (2000). In the United States, he has had solo shows at The Bronx Community college, NY (2006), Gloria Kennedy Gallery, NY (2007, 2008 and 2009), Graphite.NY (2011), Tenri Gallery NY (2012) ,1133 Lobby gallery (2014) and MIKIMOTO NY (2014) . He was awarded The Pollock-Krasner foundation Grant (2019 and 2010).    


Hiromitsu Kuroo’s works are held in the permanent collections of Miyagi National School of Technology, Tohuku University of Art and Design, and by the City of Yamagata, Japan. Kuroo lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.






          2004-2007    Art Students League of NY 

MFA 1998   Tohoku University of Art &Design

BFA  1996   Tohoku University of Art &Design


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 “Innovative Concepts to Origami” Resobox (New York)

2014 “Hiromitsu Kuroo” MIKIMOTO NY (New York)

2014 “Hiromitsu Kuroo” 1133 Lobby Gallery  The Durst Organization and chashama present (New York)

2012 “Kan no Mado” Tenri Gallery (New York)

2012 “Stroke” Makari (New York)

2011 “Seeds of Expression” Graphite (New York)

2009 “Hiromitsu Kuroo #3” Gloria Kennedy Gallery (New York)

2008 “Hiro Returns” Gloria Kennedy Gallery (New York)

2007 “Origami Reinvented” Gloria Kennedy Gallery (New York)

2006 “Folded Colors” The Bronx Community College (New York)

2002 “Hiromitsu Kuroo” Gallery Yamaguchi (Tokyo)

2001 “Hiromitsu Kuroo” G-Art Gallery (Tokyo)

2000 “Hiromitsu Kuroo” G-Art Gallery (Tokyo)


Selected Group Exhibitions


2018- 13       Summer Salon Exhibition (Makari, NY)

2015              Little Things Mean a Lot (Wook Choi Gallery, NY) 

2015, 13        Asian Society of Arts ,Annual Exhibition (2015, Tenri Gallery, NY) (2013,Caelum Gallery, NY)

2015              Layers: skal art prijct present, (BOE, Brooklyn, NY)

2013              Past, Present, Present (Gallery128, NY)

2012, 11, 10  Studio Artist Exhibition (NARS Foundation, NY)

2011              Winter Salon (Lesley Heller Workspace, NY) 

2011               Love for Nippon Art (PARCO-Shibuya, Tokyo)

2010              Color Speaks (Heather James Fine Art. Palm Desert, CA & Jackson, WY)

2006              Func Art+’ (Gloria Kennedy Gallery, New York)

2006              JAVA STUDIO Art Show (Brooklyn, NY)

2006              Competition Slide Show (Virdian Artist, New York, NY)

2006              Art World (The Times Square Lobby Gallery, New York, NY)

2005              Competition (St. John’s University, New York, NY)

2005              Competition (Gallery International, Baltimore, MD)

2003              Art Jam (Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo)

2002, 01        Assistants Exhibition of Tohoku University of Art & Design (7F Gallery in the University)

2001              Singen Exhibition (Sendai Media theque, Miyagi)

2001              The Palm of One Hand –Size Works (Gallery Gobangai, Miyagi)

2000              Kankai Exhibition (Shinchi Town Farm Environment Improvement center Fukushima)

2000              Memorial Exhibition of Shigeru Aoki (Ishibashi Museum of Art Fukuoka, Koriyama City Art Museum Fukushima)

1999              Yamagata Prefecture Rising Artists Exhibition (Yusoukan Gallery, Yamagata)

1999              Picture Diary for 100Days Exhibition by 10 Artists (Gallery Arata, Miyagi)          

1999              Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition (Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo)

1997              3Artists Exhibition Masters Course of Tohoku University of Art & Design (Tohoku University of Art & Design) 


Selected Bibliography 


Shukan New York Seikatsu “Men’s Column” Yukiko Takada. July 2014

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Awards / Residence


         2019  The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (New York)

         2019  The Golden Foundation Residency Program (New York)

         2010  The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (New York)

        2007  Xavier Gonzalez and Ethel Edwards Grant  (Art Students League of NY)


        Yamagata Prefecture

Tohoku University of Art & Design

Miyagi National of Technology


Teaching Experience 


          2016~           Work Shop Instructor (Art Students League of NY)

2003-1999    Teaching Assistant (Tohoku University of Art & Design)

1998    Instructor of Sendai Art School MELON 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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